Official Republican Primary Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot

Help us get out the Republican vote!

It’s been a long time since CD5 has promoted our candidates with a sample ballot. Many Republicans voters only vote presidential years and if we can encourage them to vote this year, it can make a hugedifference in a gubernatorial year.

This is an ambitious goal costing $15,000. Any size donation helps, whether it’s $5 or $500.

This is expensive, but a proven effective marketing tool that will help all our candidates: Jeff Johnson, Karin Housley, Jim Newberger, Pam Myhra, Doug Wardlow, John Howe, Sheriff Stanekand of course Jennifer Zielinski.

We need your support, your assistance and yes your checkbook.

Support your Official Republican Candidates!

U.S. Senator: Jim Newberger
U.S. Senator Special Election: Karin Housley
U.S. Representative District 5: Jennifer Zielinski
Governor & Lt. Governor: Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom

Attorney General: Doug Wardlow
State Auditor: Pam Myhra
Secretary of State: John Howe
County Sheriff: Rich Stanek

CD5 MN State House Candidates

37 A – Anthony Wilder •
40 B – Robert Marvin
41 A – Susan Erickson •
45 A – Reid Johnson
45 B – Steve Merriman
46 A – Luke McCusker
46 B – Melissa Moore
49 A – Dario Anselmo – incumbent •
50 A – Kirsten Johnson •
59 A – Fred Statema
59 B – Lacey Johnson –
60 A – Kelly Windsor
60 B – Joseph Patino or Fadumo Taani
61 A – Jeremy Hansen
61 B – Scot D Missling
62 A – Bruce Lundeen
62 B – Ronald W Peterson
63 A – Kyle Bragg
63 B – Frank Pafko

Group Photo above ©2018 Tor Sorenson