Ellison Sanders

Republican Reaction To Keith Ellison’s Presidential Endorsement

Chair Calls Endorsement “More of the Same”

Ellison SandersFifth Congressional District Republican Party Chair David Pascoe criticized Keith Ellison’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders on Monday. In a statement to GOP activists, he derided the choice and Ellison’s record.

Pascoe said: “It’s no surprise that I’m criticizing Keith Ellison and it’s not really a surprise that Ellison would endorse Sanders. I applaud the Congressman for not jumping on the ultimately doomed Hillary bandwagon, but his support for Sanders is disappointing. Ellison and Sanders both say they favor individual civic engagement but whenever they put forth a solution to a problem it always involves a massive expansion of the federal government. The endorsement is more of the same from Ellison, a congressman who is most adept at self-promotion and lip-service to the problems of the people in his district.”

The Fifth Congressional District Republican Party is a grassroots organization focused on common sense, individualized solutions to the problems of people in the West Metro and Minneapolis. We endorse fiscal discipline, civil rights, and local control of government.


What is School Choice? Short, simple video

School choice offers families the opportunity to select schools that meet their child’s needs. Watch the video from Heritage Foundation explaining school choice, how it benefits parents and children and why school choice is needed.
The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

America’s public education system is failing. We’re spending more money on education but not getting better results for our children.

That’s because the machine that runs the K-12 education system isn’t designed to produce better schools. It’s designed to produce more money for unions and more donations for politicians.

For decades, teachers’ unions have been among our nation’s largest political donors. As Reason Foundation’s Lisa Snell has noted, the National Education Association (NEA) alone spent $40 million on the 2010 election cycle. As the country’s largest teachers union, the NEA is only one cog in the infernal machine that robs parents of their tax dollars and students of their futures.

Students, teachers, parents, and hardworking Americans are all victims of this political machine–a system that takes money out of taxpayers’ wallets and gives it to union bosses, who put it in the pockets of politicians.

Our kids deserve better.

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Government Unions and the Bankrupting of America

Government-workers’ unions have been political juggernauts in the U.S. since the unseen collective-bargaining-rights revolution of the 1960s and ’70s. These unions are different and more powerful than those that battle owners and managers in the private sector. To advance their interests, unions in the public sector have created cartels with their political allies, mostly in the Democratic Party, to the exclusion of the taxpaying public.