The CD5 MNGOP shall organize into five (5) Standing Sub-Committees as authorized in the CD5 MNGOP By-Laws Article V, Section 1. and outlined in Section 2. The titles of the five (5) Standing Sub-Committees as defined by the CD5 MNGOP By-Laws are:
I.) Outreach/Communications;
II.) Campaign;
III.) Leadership/Development;
IV.) Constitution/By-Laws;
V.) Finance.

The Standing Sub-Committees are not listed in any importance of priority and full descriptions should be developed by its leadership and members. The temporary Sub-Committee descriptions serve only as guidance and are intended to assist in their development in defining their functions, responsibilities and ultimately their operational procedures. Each of the Sub-Committees may be divided into smaller Divisions with specific well defined purposes, in support of the overall Sub-Committee’s purpose.


Purpose & Description:
This Sub-Committee will have two (2) major areas of focus: 1.) Develop an outreach programs designed to promote the Republican message to minority and community groups; and 2.) Message development, along with utilizing effective techniques to convey the message to the 5th CD’s constituents.

The Outreach Program(s) should begin with developing a comprehensive list of all active minority and community groups, along with their leadership info and meeting/activities calendars.

Suggested methods of message delivery systems are, but not limited to: 5th CD Website, E-mail Blasts, Social Media Outlets, Event Issue Literature, Press Releases, You-Tube Videos, Advertising, Media Interviews and Promotion of Events.

5th CD’s Chair’s Suggested Goals:
1.) Maintain event calendar and add to it
2.) Generate press releases, LTE’s, and message content to site/FB/twitter
3.) Coordinate message strategy for district



Purpose & Description:

This Sub-Committee’s main area of focus is developing campaign support systems in support of the 5th CD’s Congressional and State Legislative Candidates. The Sub-Committee should be divided into three (3) specific subject matter area: 1.) Political Operations; 2.) Political Support Operations; and 3.) Urban Campaign Training and Operations.

1.) Political Operations:

A.) Event Development & Execution (Outreach, Finance, Training, Community and Social Events)

B.) Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Planning & Execution

C.) Election Day Integrity Operations (Poll Challengers/Legal Assistance – Recruitment/Trng/Coord)

D.) Development and Manage Comprehensive 5th CD Calendar

E.) Assist BPOU’s with Organizing and Managing Precinct Caucuses


2.) Political Support Operations:

A.) Candidate Search

B.) Research/Policy (Opposition, Demographic and Issues Research)

C.) List Development (Facilities, Local Gov’t, Targeted Groups, Activists and Resources)

D.) Messaging and Targeting Packages

E.) Voter Identification Programs (Canvassing, Data Mining, Polling and Phone Banking)


3.) Urban Campaign Training and Operations:

A.) Canvassing/Door Knocking/Literature Dropping Techniques

B.) Strategies for Issue Development

C.) Integrated Campaign

D.) Building and Managing a Modern Urban Campaign

5th CD’s Chair’s Suggested Goals:

1.) Opposition research
2.) Voter ID program
3.) Coordinate campaigns and events between campaigns
4.) Organize get out the vote efforts



Purpose & Description:
This Sub-Committee’s main area of focus will be on developing current and future political leaders/candidates. This will be accomplished through the following means; 1.) Develop effective mentor and training programs for leadership and candidates throughout the 5th CD; 2.) Promote training opportunities hosted by other Republican Organizations to ensure our leaders can take full advantage of Party’s training resources; 3.) Broaden the political knowledge base of how the political processes work with relation to Federal, State and Local Politics in the 21st Century; and 4.) Groom future potential leaders of the 5th CD and future Political Campaigns. This Standing Sub-Committee should inter-face with the various other Sub-Committees and their Divisions, in order to create seamless transitions between training and actually conducting activities/operations.

Potential Training Topics:
The following are some suggested training topics, which should be further developed by getting BPOU leadership and Sub-Committee membership input:
1.) BPOU Leadership Training
2.) BPOU, CD & Candidate Fundraising Training
3.) BPOU & Campaign Monitory Political Compliance Board Training
4.) MN Political Civics Training
5.) MN Party Organizational Training
6.) Succession Management Training
7.) Calendars and Effective Scheduling Training
8.) Recruitment and Managing of Volunteers
9.) Recruiting for GOTV
10.) Recruitment for “Day of Election” Volunteers

5th CD’s Chair’s Suggested Goals:
1.) Organize training events
2.) Develop training calendar
3.) Identify candidate knowledge opportunities


Purpose & Description:
The Constitution/By-Laws Sub-Committee’s membership and meeting frequency would be at the discretion of the CD Chair. The responsibilities of this Sub-Committee are to: 1.) Review proposed amendments to the CD5’s Constitution and By-Laws; 2.) Ensure CD5 is operating within its Constitutional parameters; and 3.) Report the Sub-Committee’s recommendations to the CD5 Executive Staff and Central Committee.

5th CD’s Chair’s Suggested Goals:
1.) Periodically review Constitution/By-Laws
2.) Discuss needed changes with CD5 Leadership and BPOU’s
3.) Manage suggested amendments


Purpose & Description:
This Sub-Committee will be tasked to develop events and techniques to raise money for CD5. It will need to establish, maintain and increase the CD’s donor lists, along with creating programs maintaining political organizational FEC and State Election Board compliance standards are adhered to. Furthermore, this Sub-Committee will assist in establishing an annual CD5 Budgetary Process.

5th CD’s Chair’s Suggested Goals:
1.) Maintain compliant practices
2.) Organize fundraising events
3.) Review CD5 spending practices and make necessary recommendations


If you are interested in making a difference and focusing your efforts, please join us on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7:30pm at the Golden Valley Corporate Center (1710 Douglas Drive N Golden Valley). Contact Dave Pascoe (757-773-3331 or