MN5 Republicans Endorse Jennifer Zielinski for Congress

Jennifer Zielinski For MN5

The Republican Party of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District held it’s convention Saturday April 21st in Crystal, MN to endorse it’s candidate for Congress.

Two candidates were vying for the opportunity to go up against Keith Ellison in November. Christopher Chamberlin, resident of St. Cloud who had previously unsuccessfully ran for President, Governor and briefly US Senate against party activist, CD5 2017 Volunteer of the Year, and South Minneapolis resident Jennifer Zielinski.

Ms. Zielinski won by a landslide majority of the delegates and will be the Republican endorsed candidate. Jennifer was born and raised in the Twin Cities and currently resides in South Minneapolis. She is a graduate of University of Minnesota and now works as a clinical specialist for Allina Health.

Jennifer Zielinski expressed her desire to lead CD5 Get out the Vote efforts and help fellow Republican candidates with local and state-wide elections. When asked about Keith Ellison’s recent comment “women are dying because we (Democrats) are losing elections” Jennifer quipped back: “I am alive and well.”

Visit Jennifer Zielinski’s website


Fifth Congressional District Convention Results

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I want to first thank those who attended the convention last Saturday and especially those who helped run the show. We conducted the necessary business and endorsed Frank Drake, a great candidate to take on Keith Ellison. Take a moment to visit & like Frank Drake’s facebook page. Unfortunately as with all things conducted by normal people, the process was not perfect and some mistakes were made.

The balloting for all three delegates and the two Rubio alternates went very well. The same cannot be said for the Cruz alternate slot. There was a discrepancy within SD46 which led to those votes initially being held to the side. After the discrepancy was resolved, the votes were counted. The final tally however had those votes tallied twice. The highest vote total for the Cruz alternate slot was for Christina Pierson, but as those that attended know, Anne Taylor was declared the winner at the convention.

We had planned to release the vote totals upon request last weekend, but a question from Christina led to this error being discovered and the delay. We used that time to confirm that all of the other winners were correctly reported. They were, and the vote totals are included in this email.

Jesse Pfliger who served as head teller asked me to relay that the counting error was not the fault of the other tellers. The double counting of SD46’s votes occurred on his tally sheet. He has taken responsibility for the error and has apologized to me and the district. I appreciate Jesse’s hard work and his honesty in owning up to the mistake.

After discovering the error we apologized to both Anne Taylor and Christina Pierson. Jesse and I did an unofficial recount with Anne (observed by Susan McDonald and Don Bumgarner) displaying that Christina Pierson was indeed the winner. Because we did not include a provision for a recount in our convention rules, Robert’s Rules of Order controls. In this case, after the convention adjourns, there is no procedural way to correct this mistake. With this information at hand, Anne Taylor has decided not to step aside. She decided to retain her position as the Cruz alternate.

Christina Pierson has asked that the 5th CD take no further action and focus on the upcoming elections. I am especially grateful to Christina for her grace and understanding in this difficult situation. If she decides to run at the state convention, she will have my full support.

Finally, on a personal note, I want to apologize to the entire district. I knew this would be a contested race. After hearing horror stories of “party bosses” in various parts of the state making unfair rule changes to inhibit the Ron Paul supporters in 2008, I wanted an open and fair convention. We made the nominations process as easy as possible, allowed people to change their minds as to which candidate slot they were voting for, and tried our best to ensure that everyone had access to the lists and data to conduct campaigns. We were not always as timely in this effort, and it is unfortunate that I have to say that ultimately we failed. Moving forward, I will recommend that we include a rule allowing for recounts or re-balloting.
-Dave Pascoe
Chairman, Minnesota 5th Congressional District Republican Party

RNC Delegate & Alternate Races

Rubio Delegate Race Rubio Alternate Race
Candidate Name Vote Total Candidate Name Vote Total
Brenda Alexander 3 Brenda Alexander 3
Tim Anderson 4 Tim Anderson 7
Scott Anderson 4 Scott Anderson 6
Travis Anderson 0 Travis Anderson 0
Corinne Braun 1 Corinne Braun 2
Melanie Broida 1 Melanie Broida 0
Eric Chad 6 Eric Chad 12
Joshua Colburn 1 Joshua Colburn 0
Frank Drake 4 Frank Drake 6
Hans Hanson 0 Hans Hanson 1
Michael Harad 42 Curtis Heyda 3
Curtis Heyda 5 Allison Hopeman 17
Allison Hopeman 9 Ryan Hopeman 7
Ryan Hopeman 4 Joseph Jablonski 9
Joseph Jablonski 8 Juliette Jordal 11
Juliette Jordal 5 Michael Korman 21
Michael Korman 22 Claire Leiter 25
Claire Leiter 11 Bill Matekis 12
Bill Matekis 10 Theresa Murray 10
Susan McDonald 54 Gary Novitsky 1
Theresa Murray 10 Rose Osterbauer 0
Gary Novitsky 0 Javier Quito 11
Rose Osterbauer 0 Leah Reiter-Proctor 10
Javier Quito 4 Mathew Salzwedel 12
Leah Reiter-Proctor 7 Kevin Sawyer 7
Mathew Salzwedel 10 Jacqueline Smith-America 19
Kevin Sawyer 7 K. Luke Wendt 6
Jacqueline Smith-America 10 Jeremiah Wingstedt 39
K. Luke Wendt 4
Jeremiah Wingstedt 15


Cruz Delegate Race Cruz Alternate Race
Candidate Name Vote Total Canddidate Name Vote Total Reported in Error
Janice Bartko 1 Janice Bartko 5
Bryan Bjornson 3 Bryan Bjornson 2
Mathew Bowman 12 Mathew Bowman 12
Jennifer Breitinger 17 Jennifer Breitinger 17
Don Bumgarner 57 Dan Crowley 6
Dan Crowley 4 Dennis D. 2
Dennis D. 2 Joel Helgeson 10
Joel Helgeson 7 Christina Pierson 44 42
Christina Pierson 7 Anne Taylor 31 44
Anne Taylor 20
Delegate Denotation
Highest Vote, Not Delegate

Preliminary Convention Results

Congressional Candidate
Frank Drake

RNC Delegates
Rubio: Micheal Harad, Susan McDonald
Cruz: Donald Bumgarner

RNC Alternates
Rubio: Jeremiah Wengsted, Claire Lighter
Cruz: Anne Taylor

Presidential Elector
K. Luke Wendt


37 2 1 2 2
40 6 6 6 6
41 17 15 3 17
45 24 18 9 24
46 20 15 17 20
49 7 6 5 7
50 6 6 1 6
59 9 9 5 9
60 10 10 3 10
61 17 15 8 17
62 5 5 3 5
63 15 14 10 15
Young R 1 1 1 1
Hispanic R 1 1 1
R Seniors 1 1 1 1
141 123 74 141
Total Attendance 197
Ellison Sanders

Republican Reaction To Keith Ellison’s Presidential Endorsement

Chair Calls Endorsement “More of the Same”

Ellison SandersFifth Congressional District Republican Party Chair David Pascoe criticized Keith Ellison’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders on Monday. In a statement to GOP activists, he derided the choice and Ellison’s record.

Pascoe said: “It’s no surprise that I’m criticizing Keith Ellison and it’s not really a surprise that Ellison would endorse Sanders. I applaud the Congressman for not jumping on the ultimately doomed Hillary bandwagon, but his support for Sanders is disappointing. Ellison and Sanders both say they favor individual civic engagement but whenever they put forth a solution to a problem it always involves a massive expansion of the federal government. The endorsement is more of the same from Ellison, a congressman who is most adept at self-promotion and lip-service to the problems of the people in his district.”

The Fifth Congressional District Republican Party is a grassroots organization focused on common sense, individualized solutions to the problems of people in the West Metro and Minneapolis. We endorse fiscal discipline, civil rights, and local control of government.

Minneapolis Streetcars

Progressive Innovation Means Turning Back Progress

By David Pascoe, JD/MBA

The transit options for twin-cities residents are lackluster at best. Infrequent busses, traffic gridlock, and a few light rail lines demand a solution. Unfortunately when the leaders in power put their heads together their marquee project is: a streetcar line.

I won’t go into all the details on why a streetcar line is bad. Just ask Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation member Carol Becker or former Minneapolis mayoral candidate Cam Winton and they’ll tell you all the point by point negatives. In general streetcars are inflexible, slow, and vastly more expensive than other projects.

They are popular because they are a vanity item for city officials (no one wants their name on a bus stop). Streetcars are a nice boondoggle for connected construction companies. They are also a bit of corporate welfare to real estate developers who can buy up property along a proposed route.

I understand that buses have several negative connotations, but would it not be worth it to try and change that? Busses are relatively inexpensive and extremely flexible modes of transit. What if a city like Minneapolis decided to be a trend-setter instead of following a streetcar full of lemmings off a cliff?

First, busses on downtown routes could be-redesigned to look like…streetcars. All the kitschy vanity you want at a fraction of the cost! On the inside they could be redesigned to look like a train-car with several access/egress points. All of the money that would have been dumped into a streetcar line could go towards building bus shelters in less frequented areas, and these new shelters could be equipped with a system tracking the next bus’s arrival time.

I did not enjoy waiting for a late 17D bus on a street corner in mid-January. I think we can do better.

The major issue preventing a bus renaissance is the perception that busses are for less affluent people. Trendy twenty-somethings (and want-to-be twenty-somethings) desire sleek and modern. We could make that happen. Unfortunately, instead of modernizing the most cost-effective transit system, we’ve been sold the lazy lie that a 100+ year old technology is the best hope for the future.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m putting a spoiler, racing stripes, and some futuristic sound effects on my covered wagon so I can sell it to the MET Council for a billion dollars.