Keith Downey

Give It Back!

On Wednesday, the MNGOP kicked off the “Give It Back” Campaign! This campaign calls for Democrats to give back the nearly $2 billion surplus to hardworking Minnesotans. Democrats overcharged you by nearly $2 billion, which amounts to about $350 per person! That surplus belongs to Minnesotans and the Democrats should give it back, not spend it. …

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Governor Scott Walker at the Iowa Freedom Summit

You may have heard about Governor Walker’s speech in Iowa, but have you had the chance to see it in it’s entirety? Here’s your chance!

A Des Moines Register poll shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at the top of the pack of potential 2016 GOP presidential nominees ahead of the Iowa caucuses, followed closely by Sen. Rand Paul.Walker took 15 percent of the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll of Republicans likely to attend the Iowa caucuses, scheduled for Feb. 1, 2016.

“He’s in a sweet spot,” pollster J. Ann Selzer commented. “People who don’t want an ultra-conservative think he’s OK. People who don’t want a moderate think he’s OK.”

What’s So Great about Economic Freedom?

The current administration is obsessed with Income Inequality and offers greater regulation as a cure. The actual solution to this perceived problem is actually greater economic freedom. As this video and it’s supporting evidence shows that economic freedom is the cause of greater happiness for everyone.

Economic freedom involves more than just the freedom to buy and sell products and services. It allows us to be free in our interactions with other people. Economic freedom enables us to travel, to say what we want to say, to do what we want to do. Prof. Antony Davies shows how economic freedom is associated in the data with a number of positive indicators of a healthy country. For example, countries with more economic freedom tend to have higher GDP per capita, to take better care of the environment, and to be more equal across genders. In addition, countries with more economic freedom have less child labor. Economic freedom is important in healthy societies. It is about being free to make your own choices.
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