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Fifth Congressional District Convention Results

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to first thank those who attended the convention last Saturday and especially those who helped run the show. We conducted the necessary business and endorsed Frank Drake, a great candidate to take on Keith Ellison. Take a moment to visit & like Frank Drake’s facebook page. Unfortunately as with all […]

Preliminary Convention Results

Congressional Candidate Frank Drake RNC Delegates Rubio: Micheal Harad, Susan McDonald Cruz: Donald Bumgarner RNC Alternates Rubio: Jeremiah Wengsted, Claire Lighter Cruz: Anne Taylor Presidential Elector K. Luke Wendt Attendance BPOU SEATS DELEGATES ALTERNATES VOTING STRENGTH 37 2 1 2 2 40 6 6 6 6 41 17 15 3 17 45 24 18 9 24 […]

Republican Reaction To Keith Ellison’s Presidential Endorsement

Chair Calls Endorsement “More of the Same” Fifth Congressional District Republican Party Chair David Pascoe criticized Keith Ellison’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders on Monday. In a statement to GOP activists, he derided the choice and Ellison’s record. Pascoe said: “It’s no surprise that I’m criticizing Keith Ellison and it’s not really a surprise that Ellison […]

Progressive Innovation Means Turning Back Progress

By David Pascoe, JD/MBA The transit options for twin-cities residents are lackluster at best. Infrequent busses, traffic gridlock, and a few light rail lines demand a solution. Unfortunately when the leaders in power put their heads together their marquee project is: a streetcar line. I won’t go into all the details on why a streetcar […]

Carly Fiorina in Phoenix, Sept 11, 2015 Full Speech

Could she be our next president? She’s got the chops, let’s see how she does Wednesday night! Don’t sit at home and watch the debate, discussion and the shared experience are what a debate is all about! Come join CD5 at New Hope Cinema Grill to watch the debate in style: details here.

William Gerald Opsahl 79, of Minneapolis, passed away Sept 1, 2015.

Long time CD5 activist, William Gerald Opsahl 79, of Minneapolis, passed away Sept 1, 2015. Bill attended Duluth East High School, graduating from Williston Academy and Yale University (’58). A vocal musician, he sang with the Yale Glee Club, Bakers’ Dozen and Whiffenpoofs. His lifelong involvement with the arts included president of the Duluth Superior […]

What is Social Justice?

“Social Justice” is a term you hear almost every day. But did you ever hear anybody define what it actually means? Jonah Goldberg of the American Enterprise Institute tries to pin this catchall phrase to the wall. In doing so, he exposes the not-so-hidden agenda of those who use it. What sounds so caring and […]

From Fortress to Frontier: How Innovation Can Save Health Care

Despite the fierce debate over health care policy, the political Left and Right are more alike than they realize. Both have spent decades pursuing policies that obstruct health care’s capacity to save lives, ease suffering, and cut costs. . . In this video, Robert Graboyes explains how we can refocus America’s health care debate to […]

The One On The Right Is On The Left

Loved this song when I was a kid — it keeps getting better as I grow older… The One On The Right Is On The Left There once was a musical troupe A pickin’ singin’ folk group They sang the mountain ballads And the folk songs of our land They were long on musical ability […]

Capitalism Is NOT Imperialism

Although many conflate capitalism and imperialism or think the two systems are closely connected, they are actually quite different, even at odds with one another. Capitalism is a system based on voluntary exchanges that benefit all of the parties involved. In contrast, imperialism is based on exploiting the poor through political power and military force. […]